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CSS: Change image src on img:hover

<a href=”#”><img src=”” onmouseover=”this.src=’'” onmouseout=”this.src=’'” border=”0″ alt=””/></a>

Remove Margins for First/Last Elements of a Container

It can sometimes be desirable to remove the top or left margin from the first element in a container. Likewise, the right or bottom

Html5, Input Type : Search, with input attribute such as “Placeholder” or “Autofocus”

In HTML5, we can define a textbox as search box instead of a normal textbox. What you can actually do for your search box

Rotate div or image through css

Use following css to rotate any div or image to any angle. -webkit-transform: rotate(15.0deg); Example: Image set an angle of 15 degree.

Show/Hide Content with css and javascript

This example shows you how to create a show/hide container using a 2 links “Show Content” and “Hide Content”, with CSS, and some JavaScript

Word break, break all property in css

As the name describe “Word break” means break a lengthy word in 2 lines within given space/ container. In style tag add following css