Mikrotik : How to Block Facebook – Youtube and Other sites using L7 (Layer7)

Below i will show you how to block facebook and youtube sites using Mikrotik L7 Protocols (Layer 7). here i use RouterBoardOS RB1100.

you have to create new Regexp rule at Layer7 Protocols by Press  , and name it as “DENIED” (withoue quote), see details below:

You can Copy & Paste the code above at below:

Now create Filter Rules, as follow:

At General Tabs for Chain, Please Choose : Foward
At Advanced tabs, select ‘DENIED’ (rule that you have
create at step 1) for Layer7 Protocols
Choose Action ‘DROP’

And At last, your Filter rule to block facebook and youtube should have effected to your network.

try to access facebook & youtube, and you will see that the two sites will not able to access.
this can be see from the filter rule you have created, it will catch the bytes for denied sites in your network.
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